Bell Hill entrance -

Mouse croft

Welcome to Mill Meadows. You are now standing in Mouse Croft field. 

The path to the right, which is a public footpath, takes you to a gate next to an old oak tree. Beyond the gate is the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). 

The path continues through several fields which are part of the SSSI and are the best areas to see wildflowers in spring and summer. The path takes you to the Scout Hall at Greens Farm Lane.

Getting your bearings

On your right

Behind the line of trees next to the public footpath are the grounds of Gatwick House
and Mill Cottages. This area used to be known as Windmill Heights and there was a
working windmill there until the early 1900s.

On your left

There are a row of Scots Pine trees that were planted circa 1900. There is a path along here that runs alongside Southend Road. When you reach the end of the Scot Pines, look for Mistletoe in the hedge on your right.

Straight Ahead

If you look ahead between the paths you can see Norsey Wood on the horizon.

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