Brickmaking took place in this field during the the mid 1800s, on a small scale, to serve local demands, and the 1874 edition of the Ordnance Survey shows a brick kiln in the field on the western side of Greens Farm Lane.

The earliest reference to the brick kiln is in Pigots directory of 1823/4 which lists William Curtis as a builder, brickmaker and merchant.

The 1841 census lists a household headed by Peter Barnes with his wife Mary, occupation brickmaker and in 1851 his nephew and lodger are all listed as brickmakers.

In 1874 the brick kiln was owned by George, Sarah and Deborah Cross and occupied by William Curtis. A cottage and orchard were in the small triangular adjacent field.

The cottage, later known as Plover Cottage survived until the 1970s but nothing visible remains.