Langemore Way entrance - Hilly Field

Welcome to Mill Meadows. You have entered from Langemore Way and are now standing in Hilly Field. This grazing field was called North Sea Riddens. Riddens refers to the Norse word meaning third part referring to the three fields previously named Ridden at Mill Meadows.

Getting your bearings

On your right

You will see the path that leads to Chapel Street and Southend Road. This passes through wooded areas on both sides then opens out into more meadows. There is an old apple tree here which is probably about 50 years old. It is not a known variety. There are a number of old fruit trees in this area of the reserve. They provide welcome blossom for insects and fruit in the autumn for the birds and butterflies.

On your left

You will see a hedgerow behind some bramble (wild blackberry) bushes. This has contains some old coppiced Hazel trees and hosts a noisy Starling roost throughout autumn and winter.

Straight ahead

This route takes you into the centre of Mill Meadows. At the top of the hill you can see over a valley and, on the other side of this, is the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). To get to the best area to see wildflowers in spring and summer, go down the hill and over a bridge then bear left.

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