Jackdaw Close entrance - Hillmans

Welcome to Mill Meadows. You have entered from Jackdaw Close into the woodland known as Hillmans.

Getting your bearings

To the right

A path leads through the woods to run alongside Greens Farm Lane and into the field known as Butchers which is part of the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

To the left

Is the area known as Boggy Piece which is managed to provide a damp habitat – access is not recommended to this area.

Straight ahead

The path runs past some of our best veteran trees, a row of spectacular old oaks. These are popular with woodland birds, including Treecreepers. Sparrowhawk and Tawny Owl often breed secretly in the woods and Woodcock sometimes hide amongst the leaves in winter. 

Look for Speckled Wood butterflies, and ground nesting bees in summer and bracket fungi on the trees in autumn.

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