Welcome to Mill Meadows. This field is named after the Greens Farmhouse, the foundations of which are situated close by on the tree lined ridge.

Getting your bearings

If you stand with your back to the woodland that borders the grassy area, facing north, you are looking towards another wooded area, under which lie the foundations of the farmhouse.

To the right

The pathway drops down a bank into the field known as Watts which has good areas of scrub and is popular with birds. Insects, especially butterflies, are here too – look for the ragged winged Comma on the brambles. 

If you are very lucky, a Grass Snake may be seen in the bracken bordering the horse-grazed pasture which is part of the grounds of Gatwick House.

To the left

The pathway leads to a gate which opens into Cumborrow which is part of the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

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