Welcome to Mill Meadows. This field is historically named Cumborrow and is part of the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). 

The field was referred to as ‘Comborow’ in 1593 and frequently by its current name in 19th century documents, although the meaning of the name is unknown.

Getting your bearings

Straight ahead

If you sit on the bench facing the downward slope you are looking north across Mill Meadows across the east side of Billericay. Norsey Wood is slightly to the right. This a good vantage point to look for birds, such as soaring Buzzards, on clear days.

To your left

You will see the public footpath that runs to Bell Hill.

To your right

You will see the public footpath that runs to Greens Farm Lane. This field is one of the best areas for insects in Mill Meadows. Butterflies include the occasional Marbled White as well as Small Copper and many white and blue species. Dragonflies hunt over the grassland in late summer. 

The Heath Spotted Orchids are becoming more numerous in this field, propagating from the neighbouring SSSI fields to your right.

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